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The Traditional Drama Of Ollantay

Story told in the drama is of inca origin

Ollantay was a mighty general of the Inca Empire who enjoyed the esteem of the emperor Pachacutec, but had a secret relationship with the emperor's daughter Cusi Coyllur. It was a forbidden love because Ollantay was plebeian and Cusi Coyllur was the daughter of the Inca.


At the beginning, Ollantay’s servant Piqui Chaqui and the priest Willac Umu ask Ollantay to forget his love for Cusi Coyllur, but the young warrior decided to go to Pachacutec and confess his desire to marry the princess. As expected, the emperor despised him and locked his daughter in the Acllahuasi. Ollantay became angry and revolted against Pachacutec. He won a battle and entrenched himself in the fortress of Ollantaytambo, where he remained for several years a rebel.


Meanwhile, during her confinement Cusi Coyllur had a daughter named Ima Sumaq, whose father was Ollantay. The girl grew up away from her mother, but at the age of 10 discovered the truth from her nanny Pitu Salla.


Much later, Pachacutec died and was replaced by his son Tupac Yupanqui, who sent General Rumiñahui to capture Ollantay with a trick: he pretended that the Inca had punished him and wanted to move to Ollantay's side. Ollantay believed the lie and let him enter Ollantaytambo. Soon after, during a party, Rumiñahui opened the gates of the fortress to allow the Inca's troops to enter. Ollantay was captured and brought to Tupac Yupanqui.


Everyone thought Ollantay would be executed, but the noble Inca forgave him and gave him his freedom. The Inca even appointed him as his deputy. At that time the girl Ima Sumaq appeared asking the Inca to release her mother Cusi Coyllur of the Acllahuasi. Tupac Yupanqui knowing everything gave freedom to her sister and allowed her to marry Ollantay.



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